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Title: Trinity

Genre: Audiovisual Interactive dance

Duration: 30 minutes


Authors: Oscar Sol (Visuals & Interaction)

                 Iris Heitzinger (Choreography)

                 Anna Hierro (Interpretation)

                 Ramon Prada (Music)


Created in Barcelona 2013


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Colaborated: NU2s / El Graner / Mercat de les Flors



Trinity is an audiovisual interactive dance piece which tells the journey of a body going through different states of perception of the space. Through movement, the body is immersed in an environment of textures and audiovisual landscapes that not only accompany but will push to a transformation process. 


A transformation process achieved through the close link between the triad of movement, light and sound shaping a language that allows the expression of these elements in space, while causing profound changes in physical behavior to the body through the reverberation and echoes of its own actions.

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This work proposes a profound, clear and efficient interaction between its three elements: the triad of movement, sound and visuals. This interaction is understood as a dialogue which passes through different levels of intensity and transformations throughout the piece.


The interaction is focused on working with qualities and patterns of movement like: forces and directions, acceleration, position, speed and body area.


The interaction system works through a videocamera installed at top of the stage under infrared lighting. The entire performance has been developed and is performed in real time with the programming tool MAX/MSP from Cycling74 and the computer vision library CV.JIT.

Presented at

19-24 Sept 2014

La Merçe 


16&17 Feb 2013

Festival IDN 

Mercat de les Flors

10 July 2013

IPAM @ Grec 

El Graner

10 Sept 2013

Coded Matter(s) 

Brakke G. Thr, Amsterdam

14 November 2013

Mira Festival 

CCCB, Barcelona

1 May 2014

LEV Festival 


4 September 2014

Eufonic Festival 

Terres de l’Ebre

Contact: info [*]