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Quadrivium Video

Quadrivium Details

TITLE: Quadrivium

GENRE: Fulldome audiovisual live

DURATION: 30 minutes


AUTHORS: Oscar Sol (Concept & Visuals)

                 Ralp (Music)


Created in 2015


Booking: info [*] electronicperformers.in


Quadrivium  it is an ancient greek term related to the second set of pathways within the liberal arts and together with the Trivium were the seven arts practiced by people who were, or who would be, free. As a way of glimpsing the nature of reality, the four topics studied during the Quadrivium were; arithmetic (the study of number), geometry (the study of number in space), music (the study of number in time) and astronomy (the study of number in space and time).


Quadrivium audiovisual performance puts together these four topics in an immersive experience, where the  visual perspective of the audience is constantly challenged by giving a different perception of the space. An hypnotic journey that evolves into a symbolic world, where reminiscences of ancient rhythms and ceremonial sounds brings us to to celebrate the genesis of the free thinking human being.

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Presented at

14 June 2017  

Sonar Festival

Sonar+D, Barcelona

4 November 2016   

Fulldome-UK Biennale

National Space Centre, UK

6 November 2015

Mira Festival 

Fabra i Coats, Barcelona

16 & 18 Oct 2015  (Short preview) 


OtterBox & Gates planetarium, USA

Contact: info [*] electronicperformers.in