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TITLE: Oscillare; An interactive dawn

GENRE: Audiovisual Interactive dance

DURATION: 35 minutes


AUTHORS: Oscar Sol (Visuals & Interaction)

                 Almu Lua (Choreography)

                 Lectromind (Music)


Created in Barcelona 2009


Colaborated: Hangar / Nau Ivanow



Oscillare puts us in an ephemeral space where will forge the pillars of a temple that will give shelter to an initiation ritual, in which two universes, dance and technology, will dilute in a new language thanks to the advent of interactive properties. 


Once dance cross the threshold, will be confounded by an accurate intuition that will make fall into a dream awakened by a dawn. The bowl -receptacle of a new sensor device- will attract her attention with the desire to offer a new awareness of movement. Beyond her relationship with space, dance will be closely linked to the surrounding audiovisual elements allowing body movement to be the catalyst of events that exceed their very nature, an extension of she that pass by moments of chaos and harmony as a necessary for mutual understanding.


That is how Oscillare narrates a synergistic meeting, with all the elements in permanent  communication, where dance, technology and narrative will travel closely linked with the purpose of increase their sense.

Using a DIY Arduino wireless sensor device with four accelerometers and a gyroscope that analyze in real time the accelerations and inclinations of the arms and legs, the dancer is who creates and manipulates all of the sound during the performance, while remaining connected to the visual imagery. Theres a second interactive component consisting of a micro wireless video camera too also manipulate the audio and visuals in real time.


The choreography investigates the interactive relationship between body movement and the different sensor configurations that are used through out the show. At first, measuring acceleration which makes explore the dissociative body's ability to create sequences of fragmented movement with an accurated energy to evolve towards a fluid dynamic analysing  the inclination that allows to do movement linked between its forms with organic energy.


The interaction calculations + 3 projectors for scenenography mapping and the visuals are completly done in real time using MAX/MSP/JITTER.

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Presented at

June 2009



July 2009

Tramuntana Fest


November 2009

Territori Contemporani


December 2009

WIP09 Art & Tech

UPF, Barcelona

December 2009

WIP09 Art & Tech

UPF, Barcelona

March 2010

C.C Puertas Castilla 


June 2010



July 2010

Nits a la terrasa


August 2010

Boom Festival 


September 2010

Nits Sonores 


Contact: info [*] electronicperformers.in