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DOSF:UNO Details

Title: Uno

Genre: Audiovisual live

Duration: 50 minutes


Author: DOSF

D-Fried (Music)

Oscar Sol (Visuals)


Created in Barcelona 11-12


Extra videos: DOSF Vimeo Channel


UNO is the first DOSF audiovisual live show where exists an indivisble binomial between two elements: sound and visuals. A close relationship that also proposes an authentic dialogue, because is not only the sound that shapes the image, is also the visual algorythms that creates or modifys the soundscapes.The constant interaction and mutual existence of both elements is the essence of "UNO", becoming a co-creation, where the final result depends on both languages.


Beyond the high synchronicity effect, we are witnessing a carefully audio-visual choreography executed in live, where we can appreciate the sound textured in three-dimensional geometric shapes, making visual distortions or being the catalyst of the movement of thousands of particles,and at the same time, feel the impact of visual imagery on the sound elements. Because it is not only the form of sound, is also the sound of form.

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Presented at

5 November 2011

Mira Festival 

Fabra i Coats, Barcelona

26 October 2012

Pluto Festival 

Nijdrop, Belgium

9 February 2013


Convent Sant Agusti, Barcelona

3 May 2013


Sala Upload, Barcelona

Contact: info [*] electronicperformers.in