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Call the Tiger video

Call the Tiger details

Title: Call the Tiger

Genre: Audiovisual performance

Duration: 8 minutes



Matthew Hardern (Concept & Direction)

Bishi (Performance & Vocals)

Neil Kaczor (Sound Design)

Oscar Sol (Visuals & interaction)

Nicholas Immaculate (Body Suit)



Created in London 2010


Kali is a powerful force - she is the slayer of Demons and destroyer of Worlds - however she is also revered as a bringer of light, creation and emancipation from dark forces.


Through the juxtaposition of ancient scripture, futuristic lights, evocative music and specially developed software Bishi presents Kali as a fitting deity for the Pandora’s Box of technology. Her duel aspects of destruction and creation mirroring the potential at the heart of the computerised world. Wearing a sensor suit Bishi controls the entire audio visual environment. 


The colour, texture and fluidity of the beautiful light patterns respond to both her movement and the pitch, tone and intensity of her voice. Her dance also triggers samples, filters synths and modifies the volume and meter of the soundscape. The shapes and sounds created through the interaction of the performance and technology are unique to each show – they can never be repeated the same way twice.

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Presented at

22 April 2010

Art Plus Music Party 

Whitechapel Gallery, London

22 November 2010

BFAMI Gala dinner 

BFAMI, London

Contact: info [*] electronicperformers.in