E L E C T R O N I C   P E R F O R M E R S

Oscar Sol / Electronic Performers

Under the name "Electronic Performers" and intended to propose, explore and promote new forms of creation, are known the projects designed and produced by Oscar Sol in relation to the audiovisual interaction with the performing arts and especially with dance.


Using the interactive technology as the main axis of his projects, tries to establish a consistent dialogue, in which all the elements without losing its own identity or expression are deeply conditioned each other during the creative process and its final representation.


His proposals with a high technological component, try to achieve a clear and effective interactive effect, but at the same time try not to build on these aspects. The technology, must act transparently, accompanying narrative and pure acting as a link between the different languages.

As visual creator focuses on the development of generative graphics in real time with programming environments. Its visual, are usually based on three-dimensional geometric abstractions with a strong digital aesthetics captivating futuristic atmospheres. With an organic movement behavior, visual landscapes proposed deal to go in accordance with sound both its aesthetic and its high levels of synchrony, responding in a flexible and dynamic way to rhythm, pitch and intensity of sound. 


Between others has been present with own projects, collaborations, talks or workshops in: Sonarmatica 2009, Sonar 2010, Boom 2010, Nits Sonores 2010, Mira Festival 11/13/15, Blanclab 2012, Pluto Festival 2012, MicroMutek 2013, Loop 2013, Festival IDN 2013, Grec/IPAM 2013, Lapsus Festival 14/15, LEV 2014, Eufonic 2014, Festival Internacional Videomapping Girona 15.

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